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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The Olive Tree Blob has lost its appetite for cake...The bakery women must have been blind as she so beautifully decorated the cake upsidedown, uncentered and in tiny writing. Way to go Stop & Shop!


Here we have one of the nicest cakes The Olive Tree Blog has ever seen. This cake has made the blog very hungry and now the blog wishes it could eat food instead of bandwidth...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wish You Were Here...

The Olive Tree is so much work, I wish I could have stayed on my vacation longer. I know we only stayed one night and it was just in Pennsylvania/New York but there was water, waves, sun, fun, barricades, detours, coast guard, military helicopters, hotels with no air or names, and streets without power. All the ingredients to a wonderful summer vacation. Fun in the sun is what I call bad I forgot my bathing suit.

Rumor Has It

Well, Word around the Village is we aren't renewing our lease, which means this webmaster would be out of at least one job. Some "Very Reliable" sources told a member of our staff this information, among with the herds of old men and women with nothing else to talk. Not including in that group are the owners of The Olive Tree...Completely unaware they decided to not renew there lease.

Mmm, Mmm, Good.

Hell with Angel's Hair...Tonight's special was frozen Homemade Ravioli from Stop & Shop Italy. Boy was it good served Al Dente with the Olive Tree's Marinara sauce, what could be better. Winning Powerball Saturday...That's what!

"Let's Toast to Square Tables!"

'nough Said.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another Elite Member shall be added!!!

Can you taste the benefits...Can you smell the black napkin liners...Can you feel the your name being picked out of a hat...Are you ready to be an Olive Tree Black Card Holder and join the ranks of Eric, Kerri, Margie, Dan, Erin and Maren??? Tonight we will invite July's member and maybe Maren will even get her card within the next year or so.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another Black Card benefit...

Please Join us at The Olive Tree Black Card Myspace Page. Here you will have access to all you need to know about your black card account and elite membership status. To view the page you must friend the Black Card, but you will not be accepted if you are not a black card holder. Sorry. Here is a picture of the mainpage though. You can look at it and wish you can access it. All day long you can look, but only members can go. Someday Daydreamer, Someday!

The Mystery of The Missing Pens...

Detective Eric...Only the best crime fighter/solver and smartest person in the world...has solved yet another mystery. He found the missing pens. Detective Eric got down on the floor and found pens, pencils and various other objects hiding behind the waitress station. Thanks Detective Eric...Your work is much appreciated.

Update...Although the pens are already missing again, that is not the point. Detective Eric solved the mystery but has now retired and cannot come back to find more pens. We tried contacting him for a statement and he said, "No Comment."

Update...Detective Eric said that if you would like to thank him for his hard work, feel free to use the comment section for this blog post.

You Crazy kids...

Just when you thought the workplace was safe...along comes the Olive Tree Gang. Watch out, they'll take you out with their 3 mile flashlight and super cool hat. High-ya...supercool sweatshirt power!

Black Card Black Tie Gala...Only The Best Thing Ever!`

Imagine...The paparazzi snap your picture as you walk into a room, putting on a black tie and drinking a glass of chilled gingerale champagne. You taste the leftover fresh brushetta and the delicious cookies, quickly taking your seat at a table with lined with black napkins, bowls of M & M's and custom made centerpieces. You can only be at one place. The Olive Tree Restaurant's Black Card Black Tie Gala. That's right...The Olive Tree Black Card was finally unveiled at the Black Card Black Tie Gala last Last Saturday night at 10 pm. A great night for all the Day 1 members (Eric, Kerri, Margie, Dan, Gretchen and Erin), and an even more exciting day for the rest of the crew who all got to fill out applications for the first time. Take a look at some of the pictures from one of the most memerable nights of the world...The Black Card Black Tie Gala!

We Are Ladeda!

That's right, The Olive Tree has established its own black card. With a limited number of members and a strict application and acceptance policy, this is sure to be the "must have" card of the summer year century history of the world. I can't believe how popular it is. I just got Paris Hiton's application, but it wasn't good enough...Declined. Here is a picture of our day one members cards in there boxes just waiting to be opened at the Black Card Black Tie Gala!

The Devil Eats Cucumbers...

We caught the devil in the cucumbers on June 6th, 2006 in The Olive Tree's Salad Room. Thats right, the devil arrived in our vegetables on omen?'s all for you Damien.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Aren't We Ladeda...

And the socialites keep pouring into the OT. First the NY Times Wedding, now an American Express Black Card holder...I think I need a Treo to keep up with all these high class customers.

IT'S BACK... 'Caption This'

I'm trying one more time because I was begged. That's right. Last night Maren got down on her knees and said, "Web Master Eric please, PLEASE post another Caption This...I promise I will post this time." So here you go Miss Maren. Have fun and thanks for begging your Web Master.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Where's the Token Machine?

Thanks to Zagat (though I like to replace the Z with an F), we are now the new "Teen Scene." Four children, and all before 6 o'clock.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lost and found...

We have just recovered 7 pens. Erin Thayer is a thief.

No Caption This...

Since nobody participated in the first "Caption This," I will not do a second one unless you beg me too.

Where Have all the Pens Gone?

Maren is mad there are no pens...

And the winner is...

Not Us! The old man in the blue pants and pink shirt won just about everything...and despite all the winners "Donating" their prizes back to the raffle, we still continued to loose. There's $20 I'll never see again...